Furniture Design Trends 2020

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Instead of having your furniture made to meet the standards of big-name stores, have it made to meet yours. Check out our company’s impeccable sense of design fashion today! Stay ahead of the fashion curve and have a look at the following best furniture design trends of 2020. 


Mixing metals is poised to become a popular furniture design trend. In the past, interior designers were scared to mix metallic colors together for fear of a color misalignment, but society’s accepted looks are changing fast and so is our collective opinion on mixed metals. Silver, gold, and rose gold are no longer to be separated. Instead, they should all be combined throughout the room to bring out a glamorous and fashionable color blend that you have to see in order to appreciate. For example, accessorizing with rose gold and regular gold while painting the walls a light silver is just one of the ways in which those metals could be combined to add a modernistic, chic feel to any room. 


Minimalistic design standards are also making a comeback in today’s day and age – known best for adding a clean look to and taking the tension away from any room, minimalistic furniture design is certainly refreshing to see in more and more homes. While most high-end, custom furniture design trends focus on the way furniture is able to pop and stand out, clean and minimalistic designing shifts the focus of a piece to how it can best complement the room. Clean, sharp lines and blended colors relative to the room are two key characteristics of any furniture piece designed with minimalistic values. 


Optical prints, otherwise known as abstract and seamless patterns with a focus on illusory elements, can add a bit of mystery and flair to any room they’re used in. Make a fashion statement with a floor that appears as though it shifts when you walk from one end of the room to the other, or stick with a few bold, bright colors arranged in a geometric pattern to make an unforgettable impression on your guests. 


Often known as the poster child for luxurious lodging, the four-poster bed is back in style this year. With or without curtains or a canopy, the four-poster bed puts a modern, elegant spin on your master bedroom. As the design of four-poster beds has improved over the years, they have gone from clunky, awkward, heavy, and space-consuming to bringing about a more subtle impact – with cleaner lines, darker colors, and a lower visual profile than ever before, there’s never been a better time to purchase this element of luxury.


Bring back the chic, post-modern feel of the 1980’s forty years later with the best in Memphis-Era design. With its sole focus on color, the Memphis design movement’s bold use of primary colors gives 2020 a 1980s look. Clashing patterning and colors are two staples of this era’s design preferences, and with such a bold choice offered to you, it can either be loved or hated (there really isn’t an in-between option). 


Speaking of patterning that happens to be taking over, old-fashioned florals and chintz patterns are regaining their legs after having been phased out decades ago. Floral patterns are able to bring a traditional look and feel to any living room or kitchen, and we’re seeing this furniture design trend everywhere we turn – like never before, upholstery and other comfortable pieces of furniture are now sporting floral patterns. A fresh twist on an existing design isn’t necessary to make it look nice. 


Sustainable furnishings are the result of environmentally conscious citizens making their sense of fashion work for the planet. Focusing on using recycled or previously utilized materials, sustainable furniture pieces look to reduce the amount of waste entering our landfills. Often made from reclaimed wood or other elements taken from responsibly managed companies with no use for them, sustainable furnishings take both creativity and environmental consciousness to a new level.


Natural materials are ready to enter the homes of countless individuals with a knack for home furnishing. Stone, wood, and other natural textiles are once again being realized for both their quality and environmental consciousness. Couch upholstery made from cotton or wool is much more durable and less prone to rips and tears than cheaper, polyester upholstery. Likewise, stone and wooden countertops are stronger than artificial materials used to construct the same piece of furniture. 


These are just some of the hottest furniture design trends making their way around our stores right now. We hope that our quality, custom-built furniture pieces and attention to fashionable, modern design trends will inspire you to re-evaluate the interior design of your home. If you’re in the market to renovate the look and feel of your home with new and custom design furniture, give our company a call today! With our team of expert staff ready to answer your questions, it’s next-to impossible to make a designing mistake.