Remove Smoke Smell from Furniture. The Odor of Smoke

Have you ever gotten a used piece of furniture and noticed that it seems like it has been exposed to smoke and smells like smoke? We all know that the smell of smoke gets stuck onto a lot of things, including a piece of furniture, and it is often very difficult to get rid of the smell. The exposure of cigarette smoke to furniture can linger and be extremely unpleasant and frustrating. The odor of smoke lingers in furniture long after the piece of furniture has been taken out of a smoker’s house, and it can be very difficult to remove. Removing cigarette smell from furniture is nearly impossible to remove, but with patience and proper detail, you can expect some success to arise from the situation. Although a lot of over the counter cigarette odor removal solutions seem to mask the smell of cigarettes, it is unfortunately only a temporary solution.

How to Remove Cigarette Smell:

  • Air out the furniture: Allow the parts of the furniture to have a breath of fresh air, as the source of the smell is deeply imbedded. This means that you should take off any cushion or slipcovers on the furniture that was affected by the smoke and wash them according to manufacturers instructions. While washing, it would be a really good idea to add some white vinegar directly into the wash water, this will help neutralize the smoke odor. Once they have been washed completely, you need to remove the pieces freely so that air can get to all sides and allow them sit to air dry.  If you do not follow this, the smell in your house may continuously stink of cigarettes.
  • Baking Soda on Your Furniture: As we all know, baking soda absorbs many orders, so it is another very effective way to remove the smell of cigarettes on the piece of furniture. In order to remove the smell, begin by sprinkling the baking soda on your furniture, including the cushions and underneath where the cushions sit, if these are detachable. Once the baking soda has been distributed all over, allow it to sit for a couple hours undisrupted. After it has sat in place for a couple hours, use the vacuum to remove all of the powder up. If this does not get rid of the smell, repeat the process again and allow it to sit over night this time, and vacuum to remove in the morning.
  • Steam Clean the Upholstery: Another way to remove the smell is to steam clean the fabric. It is very important that the setting of the steam cleaner is not too high so that the cushions do not get submerged in water. You will want to remove as much excess water as possible, and it is very important to note the type of upholstery that you are dealing with as some materials are much more delicate than others.

Common Care for Furniture:

The furniture caretaker usually has a lot of influence when it comes to preventable damage of a piece of furniture in their house. Many of these preventable damages come in the form of a poorly controlled environment, meaning there is either too much light, humidity, or the temperature control. Or plain and simple, the packing or transport of the particular piece of furniture has been very inadequate exposing the piece to damage.

  • Light: Sunlight has been known to damage furniture, regardless if the piece is wood, silk, upholstery, etc. it still is inevitable to damage if it is exposed to sunlight. The amount of damage depends on the intensity and the color. Furniture in direct sunlight is not an ideal situation, and as we know, bright light is much more damaging than dim light, and blue light is significantly more damaging than red light. You will be able to tell if your piece of furniture has been prone to sunlight damage as it will begin to take a form of discoloration. Generally, sunlight damage is permanent, and you cannot get this out of your furniture. In order to respond to the potential for light damage, it is quite easy, keep furniture that you are not using in a dark spot, and if it is being used it would be very important to use shades, curtains or screens to protect your pieces of furniture.
  • Humidity:  As humidity changes, the pressure of the piece of furniture expanding and contracting often causes the coating of the furniture to brittle, or even begin to fracture and separate. Try to keep the humidity in the space of your furniture as average as possible. It is a very good idea to use a humidifier where the furniture is exposed, and to try and de-humidify during the summer months and humidify in the winter months. Having a humidity temperature gauge on hand is very useful, so that you have a better understanding if your furniture is in a safe place in your house.
  • Handling and moving furniture: It is vital to handle your furniture carefully. A good idea before moving pieces is to figure out how the parts of the furniture are actually put together, and to understand if any of these parts are removable or detachable. When carrying the piece of furniture, it is best to carry it by the strongest part to avoid any mishaps. It is also crucial to protect the furniture that is being moved by wrapping it with soft padding or wrap it in a blanket as this will provide extra protection if the piece happens to bump up against anything. Handling valuable furniture requires sensitive touch and should always be moved at a slower pace to avoid scratches or dents.
  • Keep it out of a smoke environment: If you or someone you may know is smoking in the house where the pieces of furniture are being stored, it is almost guaranteed that the smoking particles will begin to absorb into the furniture. Once the piece has had exposure to cigarette smoke, it is almost impossible to get this smell out. By ensuring that cigarette smoke is only happening outside and not around the furniture in the house, this prevents a lot stubborn maintenance in the future as the smell lingers in furniture long after.

Taking care and preserving your pieces of furniture will allow you to hold onto these pieces much longer. With the careful use and maintenance of your furniture by adopting good practices when it comes to temperature/humidity control, protecting it from sunlight damage, and keeping it out of a cigarette smoke environment, you will be well on your way to having nice furniture.